In the morning of 11 May 2018, a special area with tables will be made available so representatives of universities can arrange one-to-one meetings between them. A registered participant will be able to book a table for a specific time slot, during which time s/he will be inviting colleagues for a meeting. Booking more than one time slot may be possible, subject to availability.

U2U gives universities and organizations the opportunity to meet counterparts who share the same needs and interests in a more private and focused procedure.  

There will be no additional fee for University to University Meetings

If you are interested to get a table at U2U Meetings, please indicate it on your ERACON 2018 registration form.

Priority will be given to EAEC members. You will be informed if a table is allocated to you.

Invitations will be done through an online system.

More information will be announced soon.