ERASMUS Promotion Poster Competition 2008

Dear ERACON2008 participants, as you know, for the first time, we announced the competition for ERASMUS posters in order to reward the excellent posters that institutions produce for Erasmus purposes. As it appears, some institutions experience difficulties in providing PDF format electronic form of their posters and therefore we decided to make it easier to all by asking you to bring with you a printed copy of your poster. Note that you can bring up to 2 different posters for entry in the competition. The prizes are described in the newsletter. During the registration we will be collecting the posters and a competition entry form to be available at registration. We will have a display area for all of them and a committee will vote for the best. There is no fee to participate except the requirement that the participant HEI has at least one representative registered at the ERACON2008 conference. The results will be announced by Friday before lunch time.

Looking forward in meeting you at ERACON 2008.

Best regards,

Dr Gregory Makrides
European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators