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During the ERACON 2016, a poster paper session will run for 2 afternoons. Accepted poster papers will be provided with space during and in the same area as the GO-Exchange Education Fair 2016. The posters could be A1 or A2 size and each poster presenter will have one afternoon of 2 hours to present his/her poster paper/work to visitors. 

What is Poster Presentation?
A poster presentatoin promotes your project work. It combines text and graphics to present your project/work in a way that is visually interesting and accessible. It allows you to display your work to a large group of other congress participants and to interact with them by talking to and receiving feedback from interested viewers. 
Poster presetation formats differ from discipline to discipline, but in every case, a poster should clearly ariculate what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and what it contributes to your field and the larger field of human knowledge. What goals should I keep in mind as I construct my poster?1. Clarify of content - You will need to decide on a small number of key points that you want your viewers to take away from your presentation, and you will need to articulate those ideas clearly and concisely. 2. Visual interst and accessibility - You want viewers to notice and take interest in your poster so that they will pause to learn more about your project/work and you will need the poster's design to present your research/work in a way that is easy for those viewers to make easy sense of it. 


      Design & Development: Thanasis Tryfonos & Loizos Hadjiantonis