Mariya Gabriel

ERACON 2020 is honored to have the online presence of the Commissioner Dr. Mariya Gabriel who will be giving her greetings at the ERACON Congress Online

The European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Dr Mariya Ivanova Gabriel, has placed the ERACON 2020 Congress under her patronage and will be giving her greetings at the ERACON Congress Online.

The European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC), announces the 16th annual Erasmus Congress and Exhibition - ERACON 2020, which will be held ONLINE. Erasmus Coordinators, Placement and Internships Managers, Researchers and Professionals with an interest in the Erasmus Programme and belong either to the academic or business world, are invited to participate in the ONLINE Congress to make presentations and submit written papers on their experiences in areas related to the Erasmus Programme. Proposals for sessions and workshops within the Congress are also invited.



The ERACON 2020 will consist of several workshops and sessions, covering multiple themes. The official language of the Congress is English.

Some of the main themes of the Congress are:

  •  ERASMUS+ 2014-2020
  •  Quality of ERASMUS Activities
  •  Staff Mobility for Teaching and Training
  •  Funding and Policy
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