ERASMUS Coordinators Conference
GO-Exchange Education Fair 2012

18 - 22 April 2012, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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On the occasion of the 25 Years Anniversary of the ERASMUS Programme, the European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC) plans several activities during the ERASMUS Congress 2012.

One of these activities is the publication of special issue with title "Who is Who in ERASMUS". Through this anniversary publication, the EAEC Members have two pages available for them to present an advertisement page of their institution and a page with their ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator profile, who is invited to make two statements answering to two questions.


Size: B5 (250x176mm)

Left Page (ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator Profile)

It should includes:

  1. Personal photo (specifications:TIFF or EPS Format and should have high resolution, 300dpi-400dpi)
  2. ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator's Full Name, email address, Name of Institution, ERASMUS ID Code, City and Country)
  3. Personal Profile (maximum 50 words)
  4. Personal Statement commenting on : ERASMUS AND INNOVATION (60-80 words)
  5. Personal Statement answering the question: Why a student has to do ERASMUS? (60-80 words)

The text should be written in a single page Microsoft Word (.doc) and the photo should be attached separately with name file same as the name of the ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator.

 Click here to download a sample page

Right Page (Institutional Advertisement)

EAEC Members are invited to send an advertisement page, the content is free choice of the institution. It is expected to see a colourful page that the institution usually uses in periodicals for promotion.

For the advertisement, it should be save in PDF or EPS format (high resolution 300 dpi or higher)

Deadline to submit your pages is the 1st of March 2012

Please note that only completed two pages will be considered for publication. Any submission with missing parts will not be considered.

PLEASE NOTE also that this free offer provided to the EAEC Members ONLY, who have renewed their membership or new members who have completed their membership application by 15 February 2012.

You can find the updates list of members for 2012 at