OPTIONAL VISITS with discounted FEE

If you wish to visit the following cultural options you need to purchase your own ticket providing the NAME BADGE you will find in your folder which it will be given to you from the ERACON Organizing Team during your registration on 26 and 27 June 2023.


OPTION 1: MAXXI – National Museum of Art (XXI century)

MAXXI Arte is a contemporary museum set within unconventional architecture, a point of departure for a new museographic experience that breaks with the past.

With a natural vocation for contemporary creativity, MAXXI Arte intends to be an interpreter of and an outlet for diverse voices, aware that contemporaneity has varied forms with roots in the 20th century and even further back. The museum therefore focuses on the promotion of young art and the valorisation of those we may consider as its masters and movements that were active in the 20th century but still dialogue with the 21th.

Faithful to the idea underlying its conception, with its surface area of 13,500 square meters and its permanent collection MAXXI Arte represents an experimental space that as well as its own collection and exhibition programme proposes an interdisciplinary cultural offering that naturally includes art but also explores theatre, dance, music, fashion, graphics, film and advertising.



Full price: 12€

Discounted price: 9 €

OPTION 2: Sotterranei di Roma – Underground of Rome Tour

Discover the Underground Landscapes of Rome

The tour begins with a fascinating explanation of the history of Rome and the systems used to raise up the buildings of the ancient city. Your guide accompanies you to explore a special catacomb and discover different underground landscapes. We access the cave via a dirt path from the city, about a ten-minute walk.

Enjoy the great feeling that comes with discovering new archeological sites; nothing beats the excitement of hands-on archaeology. Proper equipment is essential for a descent; a helmet with a headlamp and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty are provided.

You’d be amazed at how much you can learn in a few hours. You get to experience the excitement we felt when the head of the archaeological superintendence asked us to investigate areas of human activity buried beneath hundreds to thousands of years of sediment! There are three keywords for this excursion: helmet, light, and… adventure!


Full price: 80€

Discounted price: 64 €


OPTION 3: Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Palazzo delle Esposizioni is the largest interdisciplinary exhibition area in the centre of Rome: more than 10,000 square metres of space on three floors, Level 0, 1 and 2, host cultural events and offer services to visitors.

The Palazzo also has a 136 seats Cinema, an Auditorium (multimedia hall for 88 people) and a Forum (multifunctional hall), an Atelier (art workshop), as well as a 290 sq.m. café, a 400 sq.m. restaurant for 240 people and a 470 sq.m. bookshop.

After five years of restoration work and upgrading of its systems and facilities, Palazzo delle Esposizioni is a space for culture and ideas at an international level, offering visitors high quality projects with excellent technological standards, and efficient and modern hospitality facilities for guests. It is one of the most up-to-date cultural centres, engaging in continuous fruitful exchanges with the most important international cultural institutions.

With the reopening of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo confirms and strengthens its primary role in Italy as an organization offering integrated services: from art exhibitions to film festivals, from theatre to photography, and from music to presentations of books and events.



Full price: 12.50 €

Discounted price: 10 €