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Mentors on Call


Introducing EAEC’s ERASMUS Mentoring Programme

EAEC is launching the fourth edition of its ERASMUS Mentoring Programme and is calling for Erasmus professionals, who are eager to make a difference and have a positive impact on the new Erasmus Coordinators’ career and personal development. The programme will provide a platform for discussion of professional career goals, personal development opportunities and skill enhancement. Becoming a mentor presents also an excellent opportunity for enhancement of leadership and coaching skills.

 What is mentoring?

“Mentoring is to support and encourage new Erasmus Coordinators to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, guide them in developing their skills, improve their performance and help them become the Erasmus Coordinator they should be.

What are Mentor’s Benefits?

• Enhancing skills such as coaching, leadership & communication
• Gaining personal gratification from positively affecting a mentee’s future 
• Demonstrating firm commitment to professional and personal development 
• Building and extending a network of new talents 
• Demonstrating commitment towards active contribution to the ERASMUS community

Who is eligible to become a mentor?

• You need to have at least 7 years of professional experience 
• You need to be eager to share your experience, knowledge & insights 
The programme welcomes ERASMUS professionals from all backgrounds and areas of expertise. ERASMUS institutional coordinators who have been awarded an ERASMUS Minister award by EAEC are invited to become mentors.

How does the programme work?

Mentors and mentees fill in short application forms. EAEC’S Professional Development team conducts a matching process between mentors and mentees. The mentoring activities will start during ERACON with a kick-off activity. The frequency of contacts is agreed between mentors and mentees.

Next Steps:

Interested? Submit online your interest and availability to be a mentor on volunteering basis. If you would like to nominate someone as a mentor send us an email at and give us his/her contacts.

Please contact us at in case you need further assistance or have any questions with regards to EAEC’s ERASMUS Mentoring Program.